Sosialisasi Mengenai Kenakalan Remaja di Kampung Rawa Bebek Kota Bekasi


  • Rhozyania Safitri Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya
  • Resta Uli Vonika
  • Meyla Nur Octavia
  • Selvi Suci Maharani
  • Nadine Odelia Emmanuelha Sirait
  • Azka Zine Zidane
  • Arthur Natanael Tarigan


Sosialisasi, Kenakalan Remaja, Pengabdian Masyarakat


The purpose of the community service program is to educate about the development of adolescent children and the causes of juvenile delinquency, as well as how to prevent juvenile delinquency. As for outreach to the community regarding juvenile delinquency in Kampung Rawabek RW. 015 Bekasi City, it can be concluded that the community service activity program is running according to what has been planned using the pre-test-post test so that the socialization results can increase knowledge and knowledge about juvenile delinquency. The implementation activities will take place in November-December 2022. As for the suggestions that we can provide during the implementation related to the implementation of this community service program, it is hoped that it can improve the quality and quality of all parties. Students should be able to prepare themselves both in terms of mental, spiritual, physical, and cognitive abilities to socialize and adapt to teenagers.



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Safitri, R., Vonika, R. U. ., Octavia, M. N. ., Maharani, S. S. ., Sirait, N. O. E. ., Zidane, A. Z. ., & Tarigan, A. N. . (2023). Sosialisasi Mengenai Kenakalan Remaja di Kampung Rawa Bebek Kota Bekasi. JURNAL ATRIBUSI PENGABDIAN MASYARAKAT PSIKOLOGI, 1(1), 41–45. Retrieved from