Psikoedukasi Fase Perkembangan Anak dan Kenakalan Remaja


  • Salsabila Putri Andhina Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya
  • Yatasha Maurice Suyono
  • Vina Asmarani Cintaka Putri Dareios
  • Anisa Anggraini
  • Hafizha Anggi Safitri
  • Else Kharisma



Psikoedukasi, Kenakalan Remaja, Fase Perkembangan Anak


Counseling is carried out as an effort to encourage behavior change in individuals, groups, communities, or communities in order to know, have the Will, and the ability to solve problems faced. The interview process in the first survey concluded that there was a brawl in the local environment so that there was public anxiety, besides the lack of knowledge in mothers related to the child's development phase. Psychoeducation aims to minimize the occurrence of juvenile delinquency and provide education to mothers related to the child's developmental phase. Psychoeducational methods are done by providing counseling materials related to juvenile delinquency to youth and child development phase materials to PKK RW 025 housing Graha Prima. The outcomes obtained are that adolescents are able to understand the impact of juvenile delinquency so as to minimize the occurrence of juvenile delinquency, and mothers who know the phases of child development are able to fulfill the role of qualified parents in child development.
Keywords: Psychoeducation, Juvenile Delinquency, Child Development Phase



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Andhina, S. P., Suyono, Y. M. ., Dareios, V. A. C. P. ., Anggraini, A. ., Safitri, H. A. ., & Kharisma, E. . (2023). Psikoedukasi Fase Perkembangan Anak dan Kenakalan Remaja. Jurnal Psikologi Atribusi : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, 1(1), 16–22.