Psikoedukasi Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat Pada Anak-Anak SPS Bunga Tanjung


  • Rafika Japalsyah Bhayangkara jakarta raya
  • Annisa Dhani Rahmawati
  • Mic Finanto Ario Bangun
  • Rere Putri Andini
  • Faidah Ana Tasya
  • Bagas Saputra
  • Suroyah
  • Nadya Krissan Oktavia
  • Anisa Rahmania Prihastiwi



Sosialisasi, Psikoedukasi, Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat, Pengabdian Masyarakat, Anak Usia Dini


The purpose of this thematic real-work lecture (KKNT) program is to provide education about clean and healthy living behaviors (PHBS) to children and school residents in SPS Bunga Tanjung. The period of development in early childhood and school age will form the basic personality, so the habituation of clean and healthy living behaviors (PHBS) is very necessary. It can be concluded that the counseling program conducted to children at SPS Bunga Tanjung RW013, Duren Jaya, Bekasi city regarding clean and Healthy Living behavior (PHBS) is running well, in accordance with what has been planned. The implementation of the program activities took place in December 2022 as for the suggestions that we can give during the implementation of this KKNT, it is to be able to build a report card and adjust to the children.

Keywords: socialization, psychoeducation, clean and healthy behavior, community service, early childhood.



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Japalsyah, R., Rahmawati, A. D., Bangun, M. F. A., Andini, R. P. ., Tasya, F. A. ., Saputra, B., Suroyah, Oktavia, N. K. ., & Prihastiwi, A. R. . (2023). Psikoedukasi Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat Pada Anak-Anak SPS Bunga Tanjung. Jurnal Psikologi Atribusi : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, 1(1), 1–7.