Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI <p><strong>Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah (JKI)</strong> based on The Decree of The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education SK RISTEKDIKTI Nomor. 158/E/KPT/2021 was declared Accredited Grade 4 <strong>(SINTA 4)</strong> Starting from Volume 21 No.2 of 2021 to Volume 26 No.1 of 2026. JKI is a scientific journal that presents scientific works both theoretically and empirically from various fields of science that support Indonesia's economic development. JKI presents scientific writings containing research results, scientific reviews and discusses research that is the object of study in general. JKI was published first by the Research Institute of Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya (LP-UBHARA JAYA). Starting July 2017, the manager changed its name to the Institute for Research, Community Service and Publication (LPPMP UBJ). To ensure the continuity of the publication of this JKI, contributions of writings and / or reviews as well as references to scientific books are highly appreciated. Scientific essays and reviews of published books are the sole responsibility of the author. JKI was published for the first time in a printed version in 2007, and through Decree No. 0005.2597792X / JI.3.1 / SK.ISSN / 2017.09 - 18 September 2017 (starting from the edition of Vol. 17, No. 3, September 2017) there is an online version (OJS). So that only Vol. 17 with No. 1, 2 and 3 of 2017 published online. Whereas previous publications were only in print. JKI is published consistently in January, May and September each year. ISSN 1410-9794, E-ISSN 2597-792X.</p> en-US fatanidaul@gmail.com (Fata Nidaul Khasanah, S.Kom., M.Eng.) tiaraanggitaperdini@gmail.com (Tiara Anggita Perdini, S.Psi) Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Konsep Politik Legislasi Hukum Keluarga Di Indonesia https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/932 <p><em>The issue of family law based on Islamic law, concerning marriage, inheritance and so on which can not be equated with non-Muslims, is one reason for the importance of Islamic Family Law itself. The enactment of Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage and KHI (Compilation of Islamic Law) is the answer to the problem of the uncertainty and the demands of the Muslim community to be a guide, and a reference in overcoming problems surrounding family law. In this paper, we will discuss the Political Concept of Islamic Family Law Legislation. This is important, because every policy or law issued by the government, at the same time there is a long political process so that the policy reaches the people. As it is known that not all juridical products are in line with the aspirations of the people. There are juridical products that are considered by the community to be contrary to the enforcement of democracy. One of the causes is the intervention of political interests in the internal power.</em></p> Jantarda Mauli Hutagalung, Tantri Gloriawati Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/932 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Geografi Untuk Pemantauan Jaringan Irigasi Menggunakan LeafletJS https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1525 <p><em>The distribution or flow of water in irrigation networks that are not good can have an impact on air demand on agricultural land. This is due to the air volume that is not optimal due to damage to the irrigation network. Each irrigation network has a level of disturbance which is measured by the level of damage to the irrigation network based on the channel and building arrangement. Efforts to anticipate the level of damage to the wider irrigation network that can harm farmers, it is necessary to have a system that makes it easier for air interpreters to provide reports. Based on the report, the water interpreter will be followed up and processed by the team regarding more handling. In the ease of reporting, water interpreters need a location-based reporting system. Therefore, the right approach in reporting damage to irrigation networks is using a geographic information system. With the development of internet communication, geographic information systems have been developed that can be implemented on smartphones with the Android operating system.</em></p> Sumarsono Sumarsono, Choerun Asnawi, Evy Kusumaningrum, Dedy Hariyadi Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1525 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pengaruh Marketing Mix Dan Kualitas Pelayanan Terhadap Kepuasan Konsumen Mujigae Resto Bekasi https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1601 <p><em>This study aims to determine whether the marketing mix has an effect on consumer satisfaction at mujigae restaurants, whether service quality affects customer satisfaction at mujigae restaurants, and whether both have an effect on customer satisfaction at mujigae restaurants. The results obtained by the author in this study are for the marketing mix variable because the t count value is greater than t table (4.54 &gt; 1.6648) and the significance value is less than 0.05 (0.000 &lt; 0.05), it can be concluded that the marketing mix influences which is significant to customer satisfaction, for the service quality variable because the t value is greater than t table (5.99 &gt; 1.6648) and the significance value is less than 0.05 (0.000 &lt; 0.05), it can be concluded that service quality has a significant effect on customer satisfaction, and for the second effect because the calculated F value is greater than F table (73.193 &gt; 3.11), and a significance value of 0.000 &lt; 0.05, it can be concluded that the marketing mix and service quality have a positive and simultaneous effect on customer satisfaction.</em></p> Budi Satria, Dhian Tyas Untari, Fata Nidaul Khasanah Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1601 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Perlindungan Hukum Korban Tindak Kekerasan Dalam Pacaran Ditinjau Dari Perspektif Viktimologi Dan Psikososial https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1584 <p><em>The purpose of this study was to identify and describe violence in a relationship from a victimological perspective and the psychosocial implications of violence in a relationship. The problems that will be discussed in this paper are how is Dating Violence according to Victimology Perspective?; and what are the Psychosocial Implications of Dating Violence?. The research method used in this study is a normative juridical method using a statutory approach and a case approach. Based on the research conducted, it is known that dating violence is an act of violence against couples who are not married, including physical, emotional, economic violence and activity restrictions. These acts of violence often occur, but have not received much attention so that they are sometimes neglected in society. In fact, dating violence requires attention due to its broad nature and impact on women's lives in particular and society in general. This type of violence has its roots in cultural factors that place women in an unequal position in relation to men.</em></p> Fransiska Novita Eleanora, Zulkifli Ismail, Melanie Pita Lestari Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1584 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Aspek Yuridis dalam Pertanggungjawaban Hukum Profesi Dokter pada Perspektif Pelayanan Informed Consent Untuk Mewujudkan Perlindungan Hukum https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1716 <p><em>The purpose of this study is to determine the regulation of obligations, the implementation of doctors, as well as to find out the constraints and solutions to the implementation of doctors' obligations to informed consent in medical practice to realize legal protection for patients. This research is normative juridical and supported by sociological / empirical research This research is normative and empirical juridical. Normative juridical research refers to laws and regulations, while empirical research is obtained in the field. The results of the study that the regulation regarding the approval of medical actions originated from the relationship between doctors and patients. The implementation of doctors' obligations to informed consent at Dentic Clinic is known that the provision of information in the form of informed consent began to be pursued earlier, but these efforts have not been carried out optimally. This is influenced by the large number of patients so that it is felt that it is necessary to take action quickly and it is considered that the patient has understood what is conveyed by the doctor, the information submitted by the health worker is not understood by the patient, the provision of information to ask for a signature on the consent sheet is sometimes done by the nurse even though it is the authority of the doctor, the patient is often not given the opportunity to re-read the form given,&nbsp; so that patients feel that they have never been given information before medical treatment, as well as inadequate Human Resources. &nbsp;</em></p> Dwi Sandry Resky Dzulhizza, Darwis Anatami, Ramon Nofrial Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1716 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pengaruh Motivasi Dan Persepsi Terhadap Keputusan Berkunjung Wisatawan Di Pulau Onrust https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1587 <p><em>The study aims to determine the influence of Motivation on tourists' Visiting Decisions on Onrust Island, find out the influence of Perceptions on Tourists' Visiting Decisions on Onrust Island and find out the influence of Motivation and Perceptions on tourists' Visiting Decisions on Onrust Island. This research method approach uses quantitative techniques with statistical data to be analyzed through data collection techniques through sample techniques and purposive sampling by involving existing tourists on the island of Onrust. From the sampling data carried out, an analysis was carried out using SPSS. The results showed that both simultaneously and partially, the variables of motivation (X1) and perception (X2) had a significant positive effect on visiting decisions (Y). And based on the results of determination, an R2 value of 0.683 was obtained, which means that motivation and perception influenced the decision to visit by 68.3%.</em></p> Timorora Sandha Perdhana, Tulus Sukreni Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1587 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Persepsi Dampak dan Kesiapan Pelaksanaan Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka Berdasarkan Analisis Dependensi Minat Mahasiswa dengan Pengetahuan https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1160 <p><em>This study aims to examine the relationship between student interest and knowledge, perceptions of the impact of freedom of learning (MBKM program) implementation and the readiness of Study Programs and students in MBKM implementation. The survey was conducted on 138 respondents who are students of the Accounting Study Program, Ma Chung University. The data analysis method used is the dependency test. First, test the dependence of students' interests on their knowledge related to MBKM. Second, the dependency test of student interest with the perception of the impact of MBKM in terms of 4 (four) components, length of study, improvement of soft skills, fulfilment of needs after graduation, and enhancement of additional competencies. Third, the dependency test of student interest with MBKM readiness in terms of Study Program readiness and student readiness as MBKM participants. The results showed that there was a dependency between student interest and the perception of the impact of MBKM. Meanwhile, the dependency test between student interest and MBKM knowledge and readiness did not show significant results. Even though the MBKM program is perceived as useful, students' interest in participating is still considered low. The results of this study provide input to the Study Program to develop a more structured curriculum and improve the program socialization.</em></p> Dian Wijayanti, Rino Tam Cahyadi Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1160 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Peran Public Relations dalam Menghadapi Krisis (Studi pada Hotel Berbintang di Yogyakarta) https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1531 <p><em>Star hotels in Yogyakarta are experiencing a crisis due to COVID-19. Consumer confidence in staying at hotels has decreased drastically because consumers have the perception that hotels have the opportunity to become a cluster of COVID-19 spreads. This perception is supported by news coverage in the mass media and viral videos showing violations of health protocols. Government regulations regarding social restrictions and conditions such as antigen and PCR testing have caused people to choose to stay at home as often as possible. Therefore, this study will discuss the strategies carried out by public relations in shaping the image of the hotels as a safe place during the pandemic and forming a public trust to return to activities in star hotels. This research uses situational crisis communication theory to analyze management, communication, and response strategies of crisis. It uses qualitative methods and case study approach. Data was collected through in-depth interviews with general managers, heads of departments, and public relations at star hotels in Yogyakarta. The findings in this study indicate that public relations use rebuilding strategy utilizing rhetoric of renewal. Public relations rebuild the image of hotel as safe place during the pandemic by presenting content in the form of implementing health protocols. The description about public relations’ work has been writing on result and discussion section.</em></p> Retnaningsih Eni Nendyowati, Mario Antonius Birowo Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1531 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Algoritma Naïve Bayes Dengan Backward Elimination Pada Dataset Breast Cancer https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1746 <p><em>Cancer is a type of disease that is not recognized by most people, because some people affected by this disease do not know about cancer itself and do not do early detection of cancer, as a result most cancers are found at an advanced stage and are difficult to treat, thus placing a large burden on cancer sufferers. . Early detection of cancer, especially breast cancer is very important to do to overcome the very high risk of death in women caused by breast cancer. This study aims to help classify breast cancer based on data from routine patient examinations which are summarized in the coimbra breast cancer dataset and this data was donated to the UCI machine learning repository in 2018. The method used in the classification process in this study is backward elimination modeling for optimization accuracy as well as the naive Bayes algorithm and split validation validation to validate the model. The results of this study show an accuracy of 77.14%. These results indicate that the results of this study are good enough to help classify breast cancer.</em></p> Recha Abriana Anggraini Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1746 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Prinsip Perkawinan Islam Ditinjau Dari Perspektif Psikologi https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1694 <p><em>The commands and prohibitions in the Islamic principles in marriage that are applied to humans are created upon human characteristics and nature. Every individual has psychological uniqueness, so in order to understand family life, it is required to take a psychological approach. To improve the quality of marriage, it is necessary to conduct a study about the Islamic principles on marriage and the views from psychological perspective in its implementations. This study aims to explain the principles of marriage in Islam and the psychological symptoms that come along with them. The study method is literature study with descriptive analysis technique. The Islamic principles on marriage that are discussed in this article are divided into principles in premarital life, married life, and divorce. Psychological symptoms that arise in the implementation of the Islamic principles in marriage proved that the instructions regarding marriage life in the Alquran and hadith have a good impact on one’s mental condition, and prohibitions exist to help avoid any mental discomforts.</em></p> Vira Primanugrah Shakanti, Dini Rahma Bintari Copyright (c) 2023 Jurnal Kajian Ilmiah https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JKI/article/view/1694 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000