Author Guidelines

The editor of Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science welcomes article submissions with the following writing guidelines:  

  1. Article has not been published in any other Media and does not contain any elements of plagiarism.
  2. Types of article are suitable for publication include the following; research reports (laboratory, field, archives), conceptual ideas, studies, theory applications, issues reports, and book review. 
  3. Please note the following requirements for submitting book reviews:
    • books being reviewed should be newly published (within the last one year for books in Bahasa Indonesia and two years for books in other foreign languages), or it is the main reference of one of a field study.
    • book reviews should be between 3-5 pages in length, and
    • a copy/ scan of the book cover should be attached. 
  1. Article is written in Bahasa Indonesia or English (preferable) using academic language along with standard academic writing structure and composition. Article is typed 1 spaced in a quarto paper size (A4), at least 10 pages).
  2. Title, abstract, and keywords should be written in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  3. Article should be in form of essay with the following structure:
    • title (max 14 words): comprehensive, clear, precise and does not contain sub titles. Title is written in capital letter with the font size of 14, not bold and 1 space and Capital in each word.
    • author’s name (without academic degree) with an e-mail address, institution’s name and its address,
    • abstract is written in Bahasa Indonesia and English, formulated in one paragraph contained 100-150 words  which represents aim, method and result of the paper.
    • key words in English and Bahasa Indonesia (5-7 words),
    • section and subsection: section and subsection title are written in bold with font size of 11. Section title is written in capital letter, while the subsection title is written using title case.
    • introduction (may include subsections) contains background, objectives, literature reviews, theoretical framework (if needed), and materials and methods.
    • result and discussion can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English, provide and discuss clearly on the problem and aim of the research
    • figure, table and formula should include title, number, as well as detailed information and should be refered in the text (figure title and number are written under the figure/picture, while table title and number are written above the table). Result which is displayed in a figure or table should be a final result. Figure and table referencing by mentioning the number not the position such as “ below”, “above” etc. but it should be “in table 4”, “in figure 2” etc.
    • conclusion
    • acknowledgement and thanks note can be written precisely if needed
    • references listed  should be referred in the article.
  4. For the reference, we recommend the authors should use APA 7th Style
  5. Article should be submitted via online submission on Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science ( Article is written using Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx, but not in PDF).
  6. Notifications of the receipt of article and editorial decisions (whether the articles are accepted or not) will be informed to the authors by e-mail and web. Article that are not published will not be returned to the authors.
  7. Author must be willing to revise his or her article after reviewers had reviewed the Article.
  8. Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science use be management reference with Mendeley.
  9. Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science writing style should refer to the Minister of National Education Regulation No. 46 Year 2009 on General Guidelines for Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia yang Disempurnakan.
  10. It should be noted that the Article for Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science does not use footnotes in the text because it can distract the reader.
  11. Article must cite some articles in Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science to your Article.
  12. Papers leading to plagiarism or self-plagiarism that is more than 20% will be immediately rejected.
  13. Author should use this Bibliography format, below:

Attenberg, J. (2013). Active Learning For Imbalanced Problems. Class Imbalance and Active Learning, (iii), 101 – 151.

Elevli, S., & Elevli, B. “Performance measurement of mining equipments by utilizing OEE”. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 15(2), (2010), 95.

Irianto,H.A. (2010). Statistik Konsep Dasar, Aplikasi dan Pengembangannya. Edisi keempat. Perenadamedia. Jakarta

Waqas, M. (2013). Measuring Performance of Mining Equipments Used in Cement Industry by Using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). MSc. Thesis, Department of Mining Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.

Author must register or login into Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science OJS system. Submission of manuscripts online in the Journal of Engineering Environmental Energy and Science OJS system, written referring to the Writing Guidelines, according to the Template