Fear of Missing Out dengan Nomophobia pada Mahasiswa

Kus Hanna Rahmi, Candias Cathartika Sukarta


  • Kus Hanna Rahmi Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya


Fear of missing out, Mahasiswa, Nomophobia, Smartphone


The use of smartphones in students can cause various kinds of negative impacts such as feelings of anxiety when away
from smartphones. Students experience feelings of anxiety based on the fear of missing out on information and activities
that other people do, this causes feelings of anxiety away from smartphones which is often called nomophobia. This study
aims to determine whether there is a relationship between fear of missing out with nomophobia tendencies in psychology
students. by using a total of 147 respondents from the psychology faculty of University Bhayangkara. The method used
in this study is correlational with the aim of seeing the relationship of the two variables studied, using SPSS version 25.
The results of the calculation of the correlation test R = 0.664, with a significance level of p = 0.00 (p>0.05). These results
show that fear of missing out is positively related to nomophobia in psychology students at University Bhayangkara.
Suggestions for students in particular are to be able to regulate the use of smartphones as an effort to prevent nomophobia
tendencies which will have a negative impact on health and social interaction, so that students will find it easier to
understand. interact and have a calm feeling.



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Rahmi, K. H. . (2022). Fear of Missing Out dengan Nomophobia pada Mahasiswa : Kus Hanna Rahmi, Candias Cathartika Sukarta. JURNAL SOCIAL PHILANTHROPIC, 1(2), 23–30. Retrieved from https://ejurnal.ubharajaya.ac.id/index.php/JSP/article/view/1808



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