Keamanan Nasional dalam Konteks Isu-isu Global Kontemporer: Sebuah Tinjauan Hubungan Internasional



International relations, human security, national security


This article discusses global issues and its relation with national security. 
Global contemporary issues—drugs, migration, living environment, 
population, global economy challenges, liberal democracy crisis, fusion 
and division, small arms production—are issues that emerged as new 
security threats that transformed since the end of the Cold War. Security 
threats are no longer in form of “military attacks” that one country does 
to another, but are acts of crime that are performed by non-state actors and 
are aimed at state actors, individuals or citizens that ultimately threaten 
human security. Human security is a new term in response of threats from 
global contemporary issues. This article concludes that national security 
in the context of global contemporary issues in an international relations 
perspective is a complex issue. This is explained in the transnational theory 
in international relations. United Nations have reassessed the concept of 
national security which then noted about human security.