Company KPI Implementation: Literature Review


  • Hasiholan Manurung
  • Humiras Hardi Purba



Key performance indicators (KPI) are widely used in developing and advanced corporate systems.
KPIs are used to measure the basic parameters that characterize organizational functions.
Measurement of production efficiency regardless of the choice of optimization method, a key element
of the author's methodology in designing a production system. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are
commonly used in industry to support decision making and prioritize work across portfolios. KPI has
a very objective assessment related to recommendations for decisions that must be taken in advancing
the organization in order to achieve the goals outlined in the previous section and successfully inform.
The method used in this paper is to review articles from various scientific articles from 2018-2020
using the keyword "KPI". Article disbursement was carried out using the "Google Scholar" and
"Researchgate" databases.Where a review is carried out on the view of the use of KPIs in various
industrial fields which are broad in nature in increasing satisfaction in a profession or actions that
need to be taken as steps to become better in an organization. From this it can be concluded that the
importance of a systematic and objective assessment to improve performance and results in an
Keywords : key peformance indicators , literature review, management, improvement


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